Social Action

Audio Accessibility

This ministry represents GSP's wish to have a diverse congregation—including those with disabilities—and the desire to integrate everyone into the parish's programs. This ministry serves blind and visually impaired parishioners in a variety of ways: the weekly bulletin is formatted for voice or braille output devices, The Briefly newsletter is made available on CD, and assistance with transportation and help in accessing services is offered.

Bread from the Pantry

This ministry is a bread redistribution program that allows volunteers and GSP "to be bread" for each other and the wider community. Bread is picked up seven nights a week from Beyond Bread, repackaged at GSP, and then delivered to social service agencies and churches in Tucson. GSP's bread bundles provide food for people who are homeless or living in shelters.

Bridging Borders/Just Coffee

This ministry provides information and education about border issues and raises cultural awareness about these issues. It provides help for those in need across the border by sponsoring food collections, supporting economic development in Mexico, and promoting the use and sales of "Just Coffee."

Green Church

This ministry strives to live out the presence of God in creation, an awareness that is deeply rooted at GSP. It seeks to reduce the carbon footprint, and find ways to use renewable, reusable, or recycled products, energy and other resources. One of the ministry's efforts to be self-sufficient is the GSP community garden which provides food for Joseph's Pantry.

Episcopal Campus Ministry

Interfaith Community Services liaison

ICS partners with Grace St. Paul's to provide services and assistance of many kinds to individuals in the GSP community. The rector and volunteers from the Social Services ministry seek advice and referrals from ICS, learn about services for the elderly and disabled, can refer requests for transportation assistance, and receive financial support from ICS on a regular basis. ICS support for the GSP community is invaluable.

Joseph's Pantry

This ministry strives to create a safe haven which provides both physical and emotional food for people in need. Each of our volunteers uses the spiritual lessons and gifts gained at GSP to help bring dignity and hope to people who are suffering hardship. The volunteers represent a wide variety of ages, professions, and spiritual backgrounds. Joseph's Pantry is a ministry of and for not only the GSP community but the entire Tucson community.

Primavera Cooking

The volunteers who make up the Primavera Cooking team provide a nutritious meal for the 125 to 135 men at the Primavera Men's Shelter on the fourth Tuesday of every month. This ministry for homeless men is a long-time GSP tradition.

Social Services

This ministry's vision is to act on the baptismal covenant which instructs respect for the dignity of each individual. Volunteers do this by acting as companions and advocates. They are available each weekday morning to facilitate ID requests, provide bus passes, make referrals to other community agencies, and help address risks that can lead to homelessness.

St. Andrew's Children's Clinic

The clinic is an affiliate ministry of GSP as it is administered by its own Board of Directors and has its own mission. The involvement, however, of a number of GSP parishioners demonstrates GSP's concern for social justice for families on the other side of the border who do not have access to medical, or in some cases, educational care for their disabled children. In addition to the volunteers who visit the clinic every month, the volunteer quilters and knitters make items for the children and sometimes visit the clinic to distribute the items.



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