Adult Spiritual Formation

Adult Spiritual Formation

The function of this ministry is to provide "progressive Christian education" in accordance with the parish's Vision/Mission statement. Spiritual formation in adult education is done through relevant and informative classes, workshops, and small group gatherings that cover a wide range of topics with specific reference to the Christian faith. Spiritual formation is also addressed through retreat days and special events which offer experiential frameworks for participants. Education for Ministry (EfM) is conducted in two small groups and is another example of GSP's ministry of education and formation.

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Archives & Media Library

This ministry cares for the materials generated by ministries within the church, making photographs and documents available when needed to clergy and parishioners. The documents are sorted annually and filed for easy future access.

Education for Ministry (EfM)

This ministry's primary mission is to provide a four-year program of Christian education. While the majority of students are Grace St. Paul's parishioners, at least one member of a class in the past four years has been a visitor.

The 2013-2014 morning class is filled to capacity with 12 students. Seven are First Year (Hebrew Scriptures), four are Third Year (Early Church History), and one is Fourth Year (Contemporary Theology). Four are scholarship students, two others are on monthly payment plans that will result in full fee payment. Two students are visually impaired; one is totally blind and requires audio texts not provided by Sewanee but graciously provided by Lynne Albright, former EfMer and principal of the School for the Blind in Tucson. The other student requires a pdf text which Lynne has arranged. Three of our students require additional weekly help with transportation which mentors and class members provide at their own cost and time expenditure. We have one male student and would welcome more.

The 2013-2014 evening class has 11 students: five are First Year (Hebrew Scriptures), two are Second Year (The New Testament), two are Third Year (Early Church History), and two are Fourth Year (Contemporary Theology). This year two students are on scholarships.

Film & Fellowship

This ministry is a monthly film-based fellowship that began in Lent of 2010, and as interest grew expanded into a year-round ministry. Its mission is to be an inclusive fellowship that uses film and a shared meal as a catalyst for connecting people and building community.

All are welcome and GSP volunteers provide the staples of every potluck so that there is always abundant food even if others cannot bring a dish. The ministry regularly welcomes guests from Joseph's Pantry, people with food sensitivities, and non-members.

The films chosen foster awareness about social issues, invite discussion about shared life experiences and broaden perspectives. People who might not otherwise ever talk to each other engage in conversations that broaden everyone's perspective.

This ministry looks beyond GSP's campus and collaborates with independent film groups and hosts premieres with the Human Rights Watch Film Series, Native Voices Film Series, and the Sundance Film Forward Series.

The Library

This ministry is a resource for research, study and inspiration. It regularly provides books which are not readily available in the public library. This resource is available to everyone who visits GSP.

Spirit Players

This ministry highlights how religious beliefs and secular concerns form a relationship in the theater. GSP parishioners are regularly involved in sermon dramas, fundraising performances, and Sunday classes, and these events have stories from Scripture as their themes.

Monthly play readings are also offered. They are always unrehearsed, open to the public, and free of charge. Past readings have included Medieval tropes (the earliest form of telling Bible stories), as well as modern dramas that explore war, family conflicts and joys, political and community tensions, and cultural conflicts. Lively discussions follow the readings, and promote diversity of thought while building community.

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